Bay Area Mothers Club
Creating Structure For Bay Area Mothers
  Hello beautiful bay area mothers! Are you a new mom? do you stay at home with your kids? Do you sometimes feel like a fish out of water not having a schedule to abide by or even a loss if identity after leaving the work place? First and foremost, I want you to know you aren't alone. Leaving work to stay at home is a huge adjustment for everyone, but especially for mom, or the parent [more]
Choosing Gifts for Grandparents
With the Valentine's Day right around the corner it can be quite difficult for Bay Area Mothers to determine great gifts for grandparents.  This year I too struggled with finding the perfect grandparent gifts and while it took some time, I think that I got a few great ones. Personalized Gift Ideas for Bay Area Mothers Personalized gifts are always a HUGE hit for grandparents during the holida [more]
How to Choose House Rules
House rules are something that I have let slide in the past but when that happens it seems that our house is always erupting into chaos and I turn into another Bay Area Mother who raises her voice a little too often.  I hate it when I raise my voice at my children and strive to never yell but with all of the pressure to do well in so many areas of my life it is no wonder that I am not able to alw [more]
Give Back This Holiday Season
One of the hardest things for me to teach my children is the importance of giving back. As a stay at home Bay Area Mother and a mom who loves to shop my children are never lacking for anything. In fact they always have everything that they could need and most of what they could want. What I want to do as a mom is encourage them to give back. As A Bay Area Mother, it is important to me that my chil [more]
Mommy Guilt
  Today I wanted to talk to the Bay Area Mothers Club about the one thing we know all too well... Mommy guilt. Right as we speak, the dark feeling is rising up in me because I am not on the floor, playing and teaching my kids every second of their waking lives. Instead, they are running around the house as I sit and type this article. I do it so I can help pay the bills, but the [more]
Give Meaningful Gifts This Season
I am starting to feel it, do you? Yes, that is the feeling of my waistband tightening but I was really referring to the shift in energy all around us. The holiday bustle, excitement in the eyes of your little ones, love and laughter from those around us is infectious.   But with all of the festivities, parties and celebrations comes expectations and this is the part of the holiday [more]
Why I Left Work to Stay Home
I used to be a person that was career driven and goal oriented. I had always worked 2 jobs since I was 16. I like to make money and I love to save it. I found myself married and pregnant during my sophomore year of college (I took a break for a year and half prior to that). I promised myself that I would finish my degree. Our son was born and I decided to stay home wiht him for a period of time, a [more]

Bay Area Mothers Club

Bay Area Mothers Club was created by a few moms from various other smaller Bay Area Mothers Groups with the purpose of reaching out to a larger community. We connect on common issues such as Birthing, Nursing, and Daycare, yet wanted a platform for connecting on the not so common issues such as Autism, ADHD, and Down Syndrome. Our community is focused on expecting mothers to mothers with children under 16 years of age.

Joining Bay Area Mothers Groups

There are so many great Bay Area Mothers Groups serving a city or two. We felt a strong need to create a larger community. So many mothers, like ourselves, join multiple Bay Area Mothers Groups to achieve the same result. Bay Area Mothers Club serves the nine counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma) and 101 municipalities of the Bay Area.

Bay Area Mothers Sharing

We share parenting tips, such as House Rules, Teaching Values, Gift Ideas, and Parenting Philosophy. We are a mixture of Working and Stay At Home Moms, each has it's set of challenges. For stay at home Mothers, there are some with home schooling experience. For working Mothers, there are some with considerable Nanny and Daycare experience. For those Mothers expecting their first, there are many of us that can offer suggestions, or share advice, to the miracle of birth.

We hope you find what you are looking at Bay Area Mothers Club, and along the way, make friendships that will last a lifetime.